WARNING: Other pages on the site contains pictures of Females/males/any other living being in bondage, along with nudity and other elements of BDSM. If that kind of stuff is not meant for you, kindly do not explore the site further.

Welcome to Ralph Bondage.

This site or its purpose is really hard to explain. It will have tutorials, it will have bondage pics, it may have my thoughts or some concrete facts.

The only guarantee here is, it will always, ALWAYS, be about BDSM.

Check out the 'Posts' page for any recent posts I've made or go through the site pages for my take on BDSM, techniques, experience, etc.

I will be posting about a lot of random stuff, the best way to navigate, first of all, look at the post category. Learn to check via tags and categories whether what I am writing about is a fantasy or my real life experience before you start judging.

Have a happy kinky life 😉 Enjoy !!

 Fun fact: The Header image on top of other pages is random and changes when you reload.

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