Over the years, I have collected quite a lot of equipment. I decided to share with you all, what does a guy, who doesn’t own a dungeon keep in his inventory. This is by no means everything I own, I will keep adding stuff to the page as I take more pictures. Till then, enjoy these few 🙂

The softest rope you can find for your soft skin
Not the best, but colorful
For some quick pulley mechanism
Snap-shut, quick lock, 8 shape and chain handcuffs. You aren't getting out of these 😉
What's a bondage session without one of these ! Not on par with an original Hitachi, but still powerful !!!
Look! there's a choice of 2 colors !! Not that you'll be able to express it through this 3:)
A self adhesive tape, so it doesn't stick to your skin
You know this one from movies 😉 Strong, durable
Duct tape is baby compared to this. Once bound/gagged by this, there is no escape without scissors.
Now if you like breathplay, these might interest you. They make breath games easier :3
When you wanna do some vacuum play or suction cup therapy. I personally prefer using them breasts, but there are a variety of options 3:)
The full set of it
For elastic wrap around head or gag.
My personal fav to stuff a girl's mouth with - Clean girls' handkerchiefs. Not too big for their mouth. If needed, use 2
To be used for something you might not wanna get your hands in - like glue or wax, or something just dirty.
Sometimes to be used when you want the ropes to go a bit easy on the skin.
You might know this one from house of gord, if you've seen it. To be used for extremely tight bondages. I have 2 of these power cinchers.
Continous suction and release of a girls nipples. Do I really to explain why this is fun for everyone?
One of the safe devices behind electroplay. This is a pulse generator with configurable intensity and frequency.
Like its name suggests. Once I set time and lock you in, no one can release you for that duration. Usually used on slave collars.
I'd like to get a proper, low heat one specially made for waxplay, but this one, with a little care works fine.
To be used for really fast restraining and binding of the girl.
To make you wear tight stuff, because it's kinda fun to do that.
The proper electrodes to use on breasts for electroplay, because wires burn and sting.
My most prized posession. A powerhouse of electroplay. So much function inside this beast.
You don't always want to be confined in solid steel or biting ropes. These cuffs rescue you by giving a soft feathery touch on your skin. Usually locked with time lock.
Because a clueless bound helpless girl is a really really sexy thing to happen
The proper electrodes for electroplay.
A specialized, rather scary electro device. My second most prized possession.
Sometimes, what I want isn't just available out there, but I am an engineer, so I build my own stuff as well.